Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes

Makeup look for "Hooded Eyes".

Hooded eyes, as well as mono-lids, and 
eyes with "abundant" skin, or 
Even aging eyes,
can be difficult to apply eyeshadow onto.
Either because it doesn't show up where you'd like it to, or it disappears when you relax your eyes. It can be tricky to get the awake look, most of us like. 

Here's a quick breakdown:

And here is a before and after of what the right technique and coloring, can do. 
The top eye looks tired and one dimensional. 
The bottom eye looks more open and lifted.

To begin, prime your eye with either a white eyeliner, or a cream white base. A regular primer will work fine, if you don't have either white bases. 
Make sure you prime from the inner lid, center lid, and on up to the brow bone. 

From this step on: MAKE SURE you are looking into a mirror that is level to your eye, in a relaxed position. 
Throughout the look, you need to keep your eyes relaxed. 

Step 2: Apply a shimmer/metallic shadow (the lighter the better)
With a wet brush.
I used "vanilla pigment" from MAC (I've had this for 5 years and going strong, pigments are so awesome!)

Place light color on eyelid and above your  natural crease line, if you have one. 
If you don't, go up to however high, you want your eye lid to appear. 
I went slightly above my natural crease, because I don't have much room. 
It's key to wet the brush, so the metallic or shimmer element of the shadow, will create a better illusion of a bigger eyelid, by deflecting light. 

Step 3: Using a small brush and a matte medium brown, apply shadow in a rainbow motion, ABOVE previous color. 
MAKE SURE you don't ever go over first shade. There should be a distinct line of division. 
If you do get a little on the lid color, you can go back at the end, and re apply first color. 
Also, blending the top part of the medium brown shade is very important. 
You are creating a new and deepersocket of your eye. 

Step 4: Whith a smaller brush (I used an angled liner brush) and a darker brown, draw a line, where the light shadow ends, and dark shadow starts. 
Bring the line, to the inner part of the eye, as well. 

Step 5: With a tiny brush and a matte black shadow, draw in the "new crease" one final time. 

Extension the line outward, to create a lifting effect. 

Step 6: this could be done along with step 3. Apply medium brown, to outer corner. 

Apply liner to the outer corner and connect to the black line you created in step 5. 

Then take the liner into the inner corner, avoiding any liner on the lid. 
This should be on the WATER LINE (pink skin between eyeball and lashes).
Also line the bottom waterline. 

Add medium brown lashline and. A little below to tie it all in. (This could also be done in step 3)

Add mascara and FILL IN BROWS ;)
I also added a highlighting shade along the bottom of the brow, to sharpen up the line, and create a more dimensional effect.
 And voila! There it is!

And after....

This look takes some practice, but it's well worth it because of the dramatic change it gives. 

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  1. Just gorgeous! I need to get some smaller eyeshadow brushes then I can't wait to try this.

  2. Awesome, can"t wait to try this look. Thank you!

  3. This eye look is very beautiful, but I just want to let you know that hooded lids are not the same thing as mono lids.

    1. Thank you very much for the correction. I appreciate that clarification, and went ahead and made that change :)

  4. YES! I love this. I struggle with eye makeup because I don't have a great eyelid. Im going to give this a shot!

  5. what brand of eyeliner do you use for waterline?

    1. Hi Stacy, I use MAC, their fluidline gel liner, in blacktrack.

    2. You apply gel liner to your waterline with a brush?

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  7. Excellent demo. Thank you so much for sharing! However, I wish you had used the lady with the mono lids who really has hooded eyes. The lady you used, has only slightly hooded eyes.

    1. Thanks you! Super nice of you to say, and I appreciate any feedback. And I totally hear you, a true mono lid look would be awesome to see. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a model. I just happen to use the closest to me for this look (me;) when I get back into making tutorials, I'll definitely keep your suggestion in mind! Thanks again!

  8. This is the best "make over" for hooded eyes that I've seen. Please please do a video tutorial, please.


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  10. A magnifying mirror mounted on an adjustable arm is wonderful for applying makeup! I struggled so badly with reading glasses down on my nose trying to do eyeliner! Love my mirror!

  11. the metalic shimmer you used? altho i am a mature older woman i have been lucky not to have hooded lids..but still want to open my eyes more..would you still recommend this mettalic for me?..ty..loved the tutorial

  12. still waiting for an answere ty

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  16. Hi Sil...

    I'm like you, I'm 55 & can't see without glasses, but I do wear contacts which deffo helps, although I've got to be careful lining the waterline. I ALWAYS use a small round 15x magnifying mirror that attaches to the bathroom mirror w/suction cups.i CANNOT do my makeup without it and have about 5... One in my travel bag, one on my cabinet mirror, one inside the cabinet mirror & a spare in case I leave my travel mirror behind (which I've done too many times!!) or if I break one. It makes a huge difference using the magnifying mirror... Especially when applying falsies!! How that helps!?

    PS... The store I bought mine from has closed, but I know Boots carries them (although they're rather expensive there for some reason) & I'm sure you can find one online. Try to get the 15x as it's a strong, good magnifying level.

  17. Then you , Ms'Makeup your inner beauty', this is a wonderful tutorial & a slightly different way to achieve a new crease/cut crease for hooded eyes that I've previously seen!! I also learned how to from Smitha Deepak, who also provides help & advice for hooded eyes.

    Your tutorial was brilliant as it provides the individual steps very clearly & it's a wonderful and very effective way to help us who have challenges with hooded eyes! Thank you so much again, and I'm going to subscribe for more of you're fab ideas, looks & tutorials. You're absolutely fabulous!! xxx

    1. Autocorrect be damned... That should say:

      Thank you, Ms 'Makeup Your Inner Beauty'!!

      Apologies for any other 'autocorrect' typos!