Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Browvolutuion

A friend will always tell you, you look great, no matter what. 
But a true friend, will tell you when you don't. 

Since the beginning of Makeup Your Inner Beauty, my overall objective, has been, to shed light on beauty issues and topics to help women feel more confident, both Inside and out!
With that said, and coming from a "true friends'" point of view, its time to shed some light on one of the MOST IMPORTANT beauty topics that I see my fellow women, struggle with. 
Their Eyebrows!

Your eyebrow shape, eyebrow width, eyebrow intensity, just eyebrows in general. 
From what I've seen, women are falling victim to an epidemic. Almost 90% of brows I come across, are suffering and in need of treatment.

In a world of misleading makeup polotics, it's time we take charge of this epidemic. 
Today is the beginning of a new movement, I like to call it the "BROWvolution"!
Browvolution: Overthrowing of society's false eyebrow myths, political ideals and misconceptions. 
It's time to take back what brows COULD and SHOULD be. 
this month, I will be focusing on EVERYTHING eyebrows. 

From the importance of TWEEZER DETOX

and of course, HOW TO FILL THEM IN, the right way.

Now, If you know me, you know how I am very passionate about eyebrows, including proper shaping and care. 
But believe it or not, there was a time when I needed some major help in the brow department, myself. 
Before I became a major in browology, I was oblivious to the importance and power of eyebrows.

I was a seventeen year old cosmetology student. 
I remember brow waxing day in class, like it was yesterday. 
My instructor, asked me if she could use me as the class model aka: the guinea pig.
I figured she knew what she was doing, so I agreed.
Well, the next thing I know, I'm getting hot wax smeared near my eye, wax on,  
And bam, there they were, my first (and last) set of "tadpole" eyebrows....:/
I looked in the mirror, to admire my newly shaped brows, and to my surprise,
I was not as pleased, as I had imagined I'd be. 
Something just looked off, but I just couldn't put my finger on it quite yet. 
All I knew was, it was done by a professional, so it had to have been the correct shape..... Right?

Well, little did I know, I had one of the most unnatural shapes, a brow could possibly have. 
Common, but unnatural.

Luckily, after about a year, I came to my senses and concluded that tadpoles belonged in the water, not in my face.
 I decided to take some initiative to restore my brows and admitted myself into an intensive brow rehab program. 
I began nourishing my brows back to health. 
I found that "tweezer detox" was the best method for growth. 
During my detox, my mind began an enlightenment and my awareness was magnified. 
I found myself analyzing and studying every set of brows I'd see. 
I was amazed at how much I learned just by observing. 
Eventually, that lead me to develop an eyebrow, sixth sense. 

Well, that whole brow journey was an uncomfortable, yet necessary experience for me. 
 In order  to discover my passion and sixth sense, I had to sacrifice a little. And it was worth it  

So to save you some hassle and help make this journey happen a little less painful for you, I will be helping you and your brows recover throughout this next month.
Because in a world where the politics of makeup can be confusing, too many women are unsure about their brows. 
A reform is in order. I am here to help.

To kick off our browvolution, I have come up with three basic
 "brow-losophies" to follow and live by, to ensure proper brow shaping.
BUT, before you read on, (if you are serious about this) you MUST clear your brain of anything you've ever been taught about brows.


•Your brows are not an "afterthought" they are the FOUNDATIONAL STRUCTURE, of the face. 
Most women, see their brows as an "after thought", and not the main focus of their face.
 That is detrimental to your overall impression and appearance. 
And like I've said before: if the eyebrows aren't shaped properly, it doesn't matter what you do to the rest of the face, your look will not be complete. 
And from what I've seen over the years, most of the women who have tweezed the life out of their brows, aren't doing it intentionally. 
Some, do what they saw mom do (or didn't do), others just do what was "in style" back when they were in high school and haven't updated their look. and there are also those women, who just don't have hair anymore. Whether it be from illness, age, or over tweezing. It happens!

• Just because someone has a cosmetologist license, does makeup, is in hair school, or claims they know what they're doing, it DOESN'T, I repeat, does NOT MEAN you can let them loose on your brows. TRUST ME. 
Do you know how many brows I've had to fix over the years, that were done by any of these above listed people? 
Almost every client I've had. 
Do your research. 
My goal, teach you how to self maintain your brows. But sometimes, you just need a reset from a professional. 
When choosing one, ask for pictures of their work, and make sure they consistently have good work. Ask them if they like shaping brows. If they say yes, that's a good sign. And of course, get reviews from their clients. Word of mouth!
This will ensure you will not end up with any brow disasters. 

"BROW REHAB" (aka: letting your brows grow back in) May be the hardest thing you'll ever do. BUT IT'S WORTH it!
My waxing experience,
made me realize that something was not right OR natural, about eyebrows so skinny and frail. 
I just HAD to let them grow back in. 
(If your eyebrows have had the life sucked out of them by any of the scenarios listed above, this would be a good time to accept the situation, and commit to tweezer detox.)
Check yourself in to brow rehab and say goodbye to your tweezers...

I PROMISE, You WILL live, and your brows will thank you later.
Not only does this step restore your brows to what they once were, but it gifts you something better!
You are freed from compulsive habit of wanting tweeze tweeze tweeze. 
You may be thinking, that you NEED to tweeze often, in order to keep a nice shape.
 But low maintenance brows, are possible. 
Even though my brows grow pretty quickly, I only tweeze, once a week to once every month. 
I may have a stray every once in a while, but IT'S OK!
As a reformed tweeze-a-holic, I take it upon myself to help diagnose and treat malnourished brows. 
I guess you could call me the Brow Doctor ;)
And as your trusted Doc, I have come up with a list of the most common symptoms I see, in "malnourished brows". 
You now, will be able to "self diagnose" your brows, and decide what treatment will be best for you. 

The 5 most common symptoms of malnourished eyebrows:

Your brows start AFTER the inner corner of your eye.

(Though one my look further in, they both still don't begin, until AFTER the inner corner of the eye).

Brows end BEFORE the outer corner of your eye, when taken on a 45• angle, drawing an imaginary line, from corner of nose to corner of outer eye. 

Brows have rounded or circular lines in them. (If you can draw a circle in any part of your brow, you have what's called a HOLE)

First half of the brow is thinner, than 3 uncooked spaghetti noodles, when placing them side by side.

and, the "GONE FISHING" brows
Brows are "non existent" (too light or thin to even see). 

If, you fall under any one of these categories, well, you are completely.....
I suffer from a little party pooping, Swiss cheese action. 
And don't worry, they are ALL treatable. 
But, remember to just be honest with yourself when diagnosing. 
For instance: If you think you have had "bushy eyebrows" all your life because someone told you, you did when you were little. 
So you've been scarred ever since.
But, you find that you look like you suffer from from Spaghetti Noodle brows then, you DON'T HAVE BUSHY EYEBROWS ;)
Come talk to me, when they start to look like this: 

So, throughout the month, I will be revealing the treatments for these brow symptoms, and giving you a personal prescription, to healthier brows!
Stay tuned!!!!!

For now, "Tweezer Detox" has officially begun!

Here is your challenge:
For one month, DO NOT tweeze even the slightest fuzz on your brows. 
Let them be. Don't bother them. 
Put concealer over them if you have to. 
It's worth it!
Just make sure you get a before picture now, and an after picture, at the end of the month. 
I will be selecting a winner at the end of the month, to have their brows done by me, for one complete year, free of charge!!!

Submit your pictures on instagram or in makekup your inner beauty's Facebook page,  throughout the month tagged:  #makeupyourinnerbeauty #browvolution 

This Browvolution, begins now. 


  1. Oh my heck, I just started to grow my eyebrows out? in? haha I would love for you to help me get the right shape! I am going to have one sweet uni-brow!!

    1. I can't wait! They will be amazing, I always lve a good unibrow!

  2. I made the mistake in hair school to get mine tattooed on and wax them all off... I just recently decided to try to grow them back... they only grow about halfway across now.... not sure there can be a "fix" for my brows.

    1. My friend tattooed hers on, and feels the same way. She now fills them in and you can't even tell she has awesome eyebrows now ;)

  3. Who is the party pooper girl?... Looks seriously familiar.

    1. Doesn't she? It's just a face off of Pinterest.
      I didn't recognize her, until I cropped it. Then I thought the same thing as you....interesting

  4. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have already tried Green Tea and Yogurt but gotta try the others to see how effective they are. Beauty inside and out

  5. do you have any tips on how to fill in tadpole shaped eyebrows? as my mum has a really bad case of tadpole brows

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